What Problem do you Solve?

What Problem do you Solve?

What Problem do you Solve?

Ever sat through a presentation and wondered, “Why am I here?” Let’s talk about solving this dilemma. Many speakers fall into the trap of rushing through speeches, leaving audiences bewildered. It’s time to step up our presentation game!

When crafting your presentation, ask yourself: “What problem am I solving?” Think of your audience’s needs. We’ve all encountered presentations where the speaker seems clueless about the audience’s expectations. Don’t be that person. Be a problem solver.

Take my experience at a conference – some speakers left me pondering life choices, wishing I had that time back. Your presentation shouldn’t elicit that sentiment. Make sure your audience knows exactly what they’re gaining.

Whether you’re a tech guru or not, this applies to you. Picture yourself in front of management, presenting project updates. Their time is precious; your information should be equally valuable. Solutions matter. Don’t leave them guessing.

The key lies in clarity. Understand the problem you’re addressing and the outcome you want. Craft your presentation around these parameters. This proactive approach boosts your credibility and engages the audience.

Let’s avoid being mere time-wasters. A presentation should be a transformative experience, not a monologue. Focus on delivering value. Reflect on what you’d want from a presentation – clarity, knowledge, and a call to action.

Before you step onto that stage or virtual platform, be clear on your purpose. Solve a problem, fulfill an expectation, and inspire action. This is your recipe for success in the world of presentations.