Recommended podcasts for technical professionals

Recommended podcasts for technical professionals

Recommended podcasts for technical professionals

I like podcasts.

I like them so much I created one of my own, dedicated to technical people giving presentations.

I also like listening to other podcasts, ones that can be helpful to those in the technical fields.

Hopefully you’re a fan of my podcast, the Teach the Geek podcast.

Below are a few other podcasts I recommend.

By the way, even though I was a guest on all these podcasts, I’d recommend them anyway…probably.  

Also, while most of these titles have “engineer” in them, so they’re geared towards building skills that engineers need, they’re applicable to others in the technical fields.


Hosted by Aaron Moncur, Being an Engineer is about the day to day lives of engineers. It’s ideal for those who are thinking of switching careers in addition to those starting out in engineering. Either group will benefit from learning about the engineering lives of Aaron’s guests.  A particularly Interesting episode is the one with networking expert (and engineer) Sol Rosenbaum. Engineers network? They’d better!

You can find Sol’s episode (and my episode) by visiting HERE.


Hosted by Vidal Graupera, Managers Club is about developing skills as an engineering manager. The skills required to be a manager are different than those to be an individual contributor. Vidal interviews engineering managers and those whose expertise is of benefit to engineering managers. Check out the episode with Anand Safi to get useful engineering manager advice (Anand was also a guest on my podcast).

A link to my episode.


It’s obvious that this podcast’s host, Luis Duque, has a mission to improve the lives of engineers just starting out. For instance, he has a number of episodes about preparing for the Professional Engineer (PE) exam. He also covers topics like paying off debt, setting goals, and developing a side hustle. If you’re an early-career engineer, this is a podcast to check out.

A link to my episode.


Engineering. Productivity. Leadership. All are covered in this podcast, hosted by Pat Sweet. It’s a podcast for engineers who want to be better individual contributors, but the podcast also applies to those who want to be better managers and leaders. Want to become more productive? There’s an episode for that. Want to find a mentor? There’s an episode for that. Want to get better at sales? There’s even an episode for that. And, of course, there’s my episode.


While civil engineering is in this podcast’s title, other types of engineers can benefit from this podcast. Hosted by Isaac Oakeson, he has done episodes on building a personal brand, salary negotiations, and money management (gotta manage the money once you negotiate the better salary). If you are a civil engineer, and you want tips on how to pass the PE exam, check this podcast out. There are LOTS of episodes on that topic. The link to all the episodes is HERE.

If you like any (or all) of these podcasts, always consider leaving a review. I’m sure the podcast hosts would love to see your feedback.