How to Convey Business Value in Your Pitch Presentation

How to Convey Business Value in Your Pitch Presentation

How to Convey Business Value in Your Pitch Presentation

A few months ago, I did a poll on LinkedIn and asked the question, “What’s the number one challenge that technical founders have in giving pitch presentations?” The overwhelming response, with over 50 percent of the respondents, was “conveying business value.” But how can a technical founder effectively convey business value during a pitch presentation? Let’s explore a powerful approach.

Recently, a first-time founder reached out to me on LinkedIn, asking for feedback on his pitch. He had an idea for a networking app, and I had a valuable suggestion for him: tell a compelling story that places the investors, judges, or potential decision-makers as the main characters. Make them a part of the narrative, where they are the ones using the product or service you’re pitching.

For instance, in his case, he could depict these decision-makers actively using his networking app, showcasing the benefits they’d experience. This narrative approach effectively shifts their perspective. Now, they are not just passive observers; they become active participants in the story.

Why does this work? People are inherently self-involved. When they see themselves as the main character in your pitch, they start to think about what the product or service would mean for them. They envision the potential benefits and how it could improve their lives or solve their problems. This approach makes the business value crystal clear to them.

As they immerse themselves in the story, they begin to feel the positive impact of your product or service. This emotional connection is invaluable in convincing them of your proposition. They are not just listening to your presentation; they are actively engaged in it. This emotional investment often translates into a stronger willingness to invest in your company.

Many technical founders often focus solely on the technical aspects of their product or service in their pitch presentations. However, using a story to put potential investors and decision-makers in the spotlight can be a game-changer. It humanizes your pitch and makes the business value tangible.

If you’re a technical founder giving pitches in front of investors or at a pitch competition, I encourage you to try this approach. Put these potential decision-makers as the main characters in your story, and see the impact it has on their perception of your product or service. It can be a pivotal strategy in securing investments and conveying the true business value.