When the time is right…

When the time is right…

When the time is right…

I’m not an expert. I’m just a guy who likes to think about stuff.

“The company offers great health insurance benefits and a 401(k) match.”

“I was planning on taking a vacation soon.”

“I need to pay off some bills first.”

Do any of you want to leave your job? Do any of the preceding statements apply to you, though? If so, sounds like you’re waiting for a better time to quit. But is there ever a good time?

I was working at a job for a few years and increasingly became disgruntled with it. I had so many ideas, but they’d be swiftly shot down after I proposed them. I even ended up doing some training on my own dime to benefit my exit strategy. But when it came time to quit, over and over again, I hesitated. I’d think to myself, “Yeah, I want to quit, but my dental insurance is top notch. My dentist even said so.” I have cavities on top of cavities, so dental is a big deal!

I’d say to myself, “Yeah, I want to leave this job right now, but there’s a kickass 401(k) match. That’s free money!” I was getting a dollar for dollar match. Hard to pass up.

I very rarely went on vacations. But even then, I’d say to myself, “If I change jobs now, I won’t get to take vacation until the probationary period is up.”

I was debt free, but I’d say to myself, “My car could break down at any moment. I need this job to pay the bill.”

I made all kinds of excuses. But here’s something I didn’t make…any sense.

The job I had wasn’t the only one that offered dental insurance. The job I had wasn’t the only one that offered a 401(k) match. I could negotiate with a new employer on my eligibility to take vacation days. And last time I checked, jobs offered money in exchange for doing work. I’d have money to pay for car repairs sooner or later. So now what am I left with?

Is there ever a good time to quit? I’d say yes. The best time to quit is when you’re unhappy with your job and you don’t see the situation changing. After you’ve exhausted every avenue to make things better for yourself, why stay? All the perks in the world aren’t going to mask over the fact that you want to leave. I had a former coworker who stayed at a job she eventually couldn’t stand. I recently heard from her, and she mentioned one of the reasons she stayed was because of the health insurance – as if her employer was the only one on the planet to offer it.

Believe in yourself. You will find another job – one that is worthy of your talents. Why waste away at a job you don’t like, denying yourself of happiness? Don’t delay your exit. Start looking for a job while you have one. Employers look favorably on employed job seekers. Don’t let vacation days or a car repair that hasn’t even happened yet keep you from quitting. You deserve what you want, after all.

Next week, another excuse to slash and burn. Stay tuned!

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