Lessons In Leadership: Pat Sweet

Lessons In Leadership: Pat Sweet

Lessons In Leadership: Pat Sweet

Much like one of my former guests, Andrew Kelley, Patrick Sweet is an engineer with business savvy. A bachelor’s in electrical engineering and a MBA are proof of that. I came across Patrick via another former guest, Thomas Anderson. Thomas put me on to Patrick’s website, engineeringandleadership.com, whose goals is to help engineers become the leaders they want to be.


You can reach Pat at engineeringandleadership.com.


Key takeaways:


No word for word

Pat advises against writing a presentation out word for word. He advocates for knowing the mission of your speech and organizing it based on that mission. I also believe that reading a speech word for word bores people; they won’t listen.


Have a conversation

People don’t like to be lectured to, so turn your presentation into a conversation, Pat advises. He also thinks it’s a good idea to anticipate questions so you’re not caught off guard.



Pat visualizes doing well in his speeches, which calms his nerves. He sees the people laughing on cue, sees the audience nodding when appropriate, and sees them applauding afterward. I’m a firm believer in visualization, too.

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