Lessons In Leadership: Kanika Tolver

Lessons In Leadership: Kanika Tolver

Lessons In Leadership: Kanika Tolver

As a professional coach, Kanika Tolver gets her greatest joy from helping people realize who they are and where they wish to be. She does her work as CEO of Career Rehab, LLC. She’s also a speaker, whose topics include how to make a career change into tech, how to make 6 figures in tech, and A Game-Plan for African Americans in the Tech Industry. She’s quite qualified to speak on tech, as she has a bachelor’s in computer technology and master’s in information technology.


You can reach Kanika at kanikatolver.com

IG: @kanikatolver

Twitter: @kanikatolver

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kanikatolver/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KanikaRTolver/



Key takeaways:


Leave time for questions

Kanika makes it a practice to finish her talks early to leave time for questions from the audience. For instance, if she has 5 minutes to talk, she’ll finish at 4 minutes, leaving a minute for questions.


Develop a ritual

To calm her nerves before speaking, Kanika suggests developing a ritual before hitting the stage. Her ritual is to listen to hip hop, drink a Red Bull, and bring someone to the event to act as a cheerleader.


Pick a niche

Kanika isn’t a fan of being an “all things to all people” speaker. She believes in finding a niche, and finding your voice within that niche. Her niche is women and Blacks in tech.


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