Lessons In Leadership: April Wensel

Lessons In Leadership: April Wensel

Lessons In Leadership: April Wensel

A software engineer, April Wensel worked at various companies in Silicon Valley. She noticed that programmers, herself included, can be jerks to each other from time to time, and figured that the jerkiness interfered with companies’ productivity and bottom line. She now teaches emotional intelligence to other software engineers through her company, Compassionate Coding.

Takeaways from our conversation:

April noticed that companies were developing that were harming, not helping people, there was little diversity in tech, projects were failing due to poor communication, and people were burning out. These issues are what motivated her to start Compassionate Coding.

Tweet. An avid tweeter, April gets most of her business from those who follow her on Twitter. She puts out content, and people come to her.

Keep track of the middle slide. During a talk, April knows where the middle slide is, so she knows if she has to quicken the pace to not go over time.

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