Lessons In Leadership: Andrew Kelley

Lessons In Leadership: Andrew Kelley

Lessons In Leadership: Andrew Kelley

While I wasn’t able to attend his presentation, Andrew Kelley was a presenter at the inaugural Blacks in Technology conference. He was speaking on raising capital, a topic of interest to many entrepreneurs trying to grow their businesses. While he has an MBA, his bachelor’s and master’s degrees are Mechanical Engineering. How does Mechanical Engineering and raising capital come together? I’m interested to find out.


You can reach Andrew at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelleyan/


Key takeaways:


Audience first

Andrew is a big believer in putting the audience first when it comes to public speaking. For instance, if he’s moderating a panel, he will request a list of the attendees and their titles. The list helps him tailor his questions to what the audience wants to know.


Do a dry run in front of a mentor

Doing a dry run of a presentation in front of a trusted ally or mentor. This person will give you feedback that you’re more likely to accept.



To calm his nerves, Andrew breathes deep breaths. Breathing deeply helps to slow your heart down which, when you’re nervous, feels like it’s about to explode from your chest.


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