TECHNICAL FOUNDERS, ready to hone your pitch to get investment?
Then the Teach the Geek Pitching Society is for you.

Technical people love an experiment, so let’s go through the experiment that is the Society.


As a technical founder, giving presentations has never been your strong suit, dating back to when you were an employee. You’re pitching for investment in your companies now, though. It’d better become your strong suit!


Studies cite as many as 75% of people experience some fear of public speaking. Let’s join the 25%. Overcoming the fear can go a long way toward securing the investment your venture needs to grow.


By providing resources to develop an effective pitch and a forum to practice it, the fear of public speaking will gradually fade and you’ll raise the funds your venture needs.




As a founding member, the cost to join the Teach the Geek Pitching Society and get the course, community, and monthly calls will be $97/month.

Joining the waitlist guarantees that you pay this rate when the Society launches and will always pay this rate.

Cancel at any time if the Society doesn’t at least meet your expectations.


Joining the Teach the Geek Pitching Society will be money well spent and you will have the tools you need to develop an effective pitch.

Want to receive notice when the Society launches? Join the waitlist today!


Teach the Geek is about working with technical professionals so they can present more effectively, especially in front of non-technical audiences. In addition to offering presentation skills trainings to organizations, Teach the Geek also hosts the Teach the Geek podcast and YouTube channel, offering tips on how to improve at giving presentations.