Lessons In Leadership: Jared Arms

Lessons In Leadership: Jared Arms

A speaker at the 2018 Blacks in Technology conference, Jared Arms’ session was about recycling the black dollar with cryptocurrency. He’s the founder and CEO of Kylar.io, which, among other things, partners with 60 companies across the US to help reduce gun violence and promote STEM skills in the Black community.


Lessons In Leadership:

The workplace is becoming more open. Jared says that coworkers with college degrees are becoming more open to those who are self-taught or attended coding bootcamps, mainly because software changes so frequently, schools can’t keep up. As long as you have the expertise, you get the respect.
Be open to feedback. Jared admits that he as an issue with fillers (words like ah and um). She values the feedback from others to let him know when and how many fillers he uses in his presentations.
At least 1 smile or 1 laugh. Jared is always to add humor to his presentations, which is a smart move. Humorous presentations are more memorable ones.

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